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How to Find a Company That Specializes in Piano Moving

Hiring a company that specializes in piano moving is a great way to move your piano safely. Unlike a family member, a professional will know the best way to handle your piano without damaging it. A professional will use the appropriate equipment to ensure that your piano is moved in the safest possible way. Also, a professional will carry liability insurance for your peace of mind. Read on to learn how to find a professional piano moving company.

Stairs are a significant problem when moving a piano. Most piano movers will charge extra for stairs, so be prepared to pay a little more. A flight of stairs can cost anywhere from $40 to $1000. In addition to stairs, other obstacles, such as doorways and tight corners, can add extra fees to the total cost. Some movers will even charge you extra for walking the piano over tricky surfaces. If you live in an apartment, consider hiring a piano moving company to do the job for you.

While moving an upright piano may be easy, moving a grand piano can be a difficult task. Grand pianos are often very tall, requiring special equipment. They can weigh several hundred pounds. In addition to special equipment, piano movers may also need to disassemble and relocate the lid and legs of the piano. This may require the use of specialized cranes. In the case of a baby grand piano, this can be difficult. A piano moving company can help you decide on the best method for moving your piano.

When hiring a piano moving company, ask for their rate. Rates vary from $10 to $100 an hour, depending on the size of the company, the type of workers and team, and the equipment used. Most companies will give you an estimate before they begin the move, but it is important to note that unforeseen circumstances can cause the final price to exceed the original quote. You should also consider the distance of the move when choosing a company. If the move will be over 100 miles, you’ll most likely be paying more than you thought.

When selecting a piano mover, it is imperative to find one with many positive reviews. A good piano mover will provide you with a detailed contract, including an estimate of how much the move will cost. Ask for pictures of the piano’s condition and the condition of the piano prior to hiring them. Finally, make sure to ask for a breakdown of costs so that you don’t face any unexpected expenses. A full contract will protect you from any hidden costs.

Choosing a mover is not difficult when you’re working with a team of people who can lift heavy objects. You’ll need a dolly, a humpstrap, straps, and other equipment. These pieces of equipment are essential to the successful piano move. While they may not be required, they will greatly enhance the overall experience of the process. If you want to save money, you can always hire a team of helpers to make the move easier for you. They will have the experience, training, and equipment necessary to safely move your piano.

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